About Us

Winefairy is a qualified Cultural Guide for the Western and Eastern Cape specializing in the Cape Winelands. She has numerous qualifications in wine and is striving towards becoming a Master of Wine one day. She currently tastes on Judging panels for Classic Wine Magazine, a bi-monthly publication focusing on style & quality as well as for the Gold Awards on behalf of the Cape Wine Academy. This in between guiding Specialised Wine Tours around the Cape and educating staff in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

“It has been a long journey realising the dream, but through hard work, much practice (tasting aka drinking) and many studies later here we are. I believe in Brand South Africa and go to every effort to showcase the splendour that is the Cape Winelands. HavingĀ  grown up in England and moving to South Africa in the early 1980’s my love for this country is deeply rooted and where better than surrounded by magnificient vineyards and the fruits of those vines.

Wine is often thought of as elitist and can be quite intimidating, I strive to demystify the mystery that is wine and just simplify the essence of what is in your glass and why you like it. You’d be amazed at how exciting it is when someone just ‘gets’ it. It is so satisfying to me to educate and share the passion and see the fire that ignites the soul to yearn for more,. I just love wine”.

Katie Barratt