in , by Wine Fairy

Welcome to Winefairy… I love wine, people and food.. there’s a longer list but I’ll keep it simple for now. My love affair with wine started a while back, I was attending the Witwatersrand Hotel School (that’s in Johannesburg for any non locals reading) and wangled my way onto the Annual Wine Tour.. first years weren’t normally allowed but I have powers of persuasion that are called on periodically.

Forty students and 1 lecturer on a bus embarked on a 18 hour journey through the Karoo to the Cape Winelands. It was quite a ride let me tell you but I’ll keep that for another day. After checking in to our hotel and freshening up we set off, thirsty. We arrived in Robertson at Danie De Wet’s esteemed DeWetshof Estate. Danie is famed for being the Doyenne of Chardonnay, King of Kings and I was ready. To set the scene it was April, summer was ending and autumn was fast approaching, a few grapes were still hanging on the vines as harvest continued, workers were singing, life was good. after a hearty warm welcome we were escourted into the Cellar…  beautiful, heavy wooden doors creaked open and the scent that wafted out from the cellar had me enchanted. I stopped dead in my tracks and breathed deeply… my knees weakened slightly, my head swayed gently, a light dizziness overcame my senses… this is it… I’M IN LOVE… were my only thoughts, my happy place.

As it turns out, the chardonnay was fermenting and it is the yeast and natural flavours from the juice that smelled so heavenly, the co2 that is released during this process is what made me dizzy and of course this I have discovered through my further learnings but at the time it was love and it still is….